Sunday, August 29, 2010

BAck to once..when i have nothing at alL

It's have been a while that i didnt update my blog...

Just a short post to share my thought...

As times goes by..i realize..things have changed...The way we see things, the way we do things, they way we face thing...all have changed. including me myself.

Things will not always been done as how i wished it to be done..somehow, the higher i aim, the deeper i falL..I really thought that this will be another good begining for us..but seem likes, again, im wrong...Im curious why he never give us a try?and finally i knew it, maybe im not worth for the try...I wont expect for much, i just hope that he will always remember the happiest moments that we ever spent together, he will always remember, whatever things that i have done for him...wish he is happy with the ending...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Learn to be Appreciative

Been quit a long time didnt update My post d as I was really really busy recently...Huh...

Lots of things happened within this period..Hence, there are something to share here...It's about life & appreciation..Those things make me realize how small I am in this world...

Hmmm..where should i start my story eh?HHMmmm...ok..So..Let's start k.

Its about 2 or 3 weeks ago, My cousin, he was admitted into the ward due to the high fever & diarrhoea...Everyone were so worried as this have happened for quit a several days already and only now they were sent him to the Hospital. So My parents, drove back to the KampunG...I was quit worried of my cousin, at the same times,I was also worried of my parents as they are not young already & they have to drove for such along way from Miri to go back to the betong in 1 day...But luckily, they were safely arrived at the kampung that day.. Any started from that days, Black black sheep was among us...Bad thing& news keep hit to our family. The nest day after My parents arrived the kampung, the doctor told them that they suspected My cousin was diagnosed to leukemia...Everyone were so sad to receive the news, as you know, ppl always said those who have Leukemia will not alive than 2 guess you know what i want to say right...

So, none of us were allowed to told him about his sickness...But then, he was accidentally heard it while the doctor talking to his dad...He cries...And do not have appetite to eat..Even if he has ate, still, will vomit it out..So pity..Futhermore, he was in the middle of completing the SPM examination...Feel more sad when he was asking me on how to do better in a subject, I think that subject should be his favourite subject, as He was aim to become a pilot before..We cannot do anything but to wait for the result from Singapore's Lab to analyse which type of Leukimia that he has...Hopefully it is not the acute type.

The next black thing that dropped on our family was...My parents were involved in an accident when they were in their way came back to Miri...Hmm...Th car was damaged, but luckily that My parents are safe.Thanks God. And also thanks to those who have help my parents during that time..As My dad said, during that time, it was rainning, they try to get help from many cars, but nobody willing to help them...Well, now you know, how selfish and worse is our society??Hopefully they will know how does it feel when the same thing happened on them soon..(Yes, I know Im bad..But...sorry..)Really thanks so Much to God..

One night,a very ordinary night, I was sitting by the window, saw lots of stars hanging on the black black sky...Wondering, How many person could have the chances to see the beutiful scenery as what I have see right now? Because we do not know what is gonna happen on the next day, therefore we have to appreciated & cherish every days that we have...Thanks to God that i', able to stay alive each day when i opened my eyes...Some of my desirer might havent or could not been fullfilled yet, but I'd like to thanks God that He still Loves me & Portected me everyday...That night, it remind me to those who are not as lucky as we are, who are sicks...If you think you are the poorest in this world, pls think least you got the change to open you eyes & walk freely..Unlike those patiens, they want to see the same scene as we see, but they cant....

And yesterday, I was involved in an charity fund raising program...Organized by the Gymkhana Club (GCM) . and the fund will be given to the Sunflower center...Although It was so tiring but I was happy, at least I can do something to help those who needed, even my contribution is not that much as compare to others, at least I tried & I Did! Feel so pity to those who are not as lucky as we are...Especially during the festive season.Because I was a child before so I knew what they have felt...I can imagine how happy they are when they could receive a gift from us..even it is just a pack of candy..But who cares?The one that make them happy is the gift. the gift which show that they are actually one of our society, they are actually deserve for our love...They are actually not been forgotten by all of us..

So what is the message that I want to bring out to every readers is..Learn to be thankful..Learn to be appreciative..If you think you are unlucky 1..think twice, you will not, there are more ppl that are more unlucky than you...And not forgotten..Pls...give help to those who needed, plcae yourself in their shoes, then you will know how much they are needed for your help, just to brighten up their days....

Okie..I think i should stop now...Hopefully I could have more time to keep my blog alive yea..haha.Nite

Miri Orchestra and Choir
Operafest Children's Choir Our beautiful custome^^

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nervous Weih!!Part-2 i mentioned in the previous post, some important customers have came to visit us..One of them is our business partner from Target Store...& It's actually my 1st mission..But I'm sorry to say that I didn't really took part in this mission..wuahaha.WHy?EMmm..The mission was took over by my 1 of my colleague (The 1 that i hated most!!!Will explain in detail why i hate him when I'm free..haha)

However, I have been given the opportunity to join them for dinner..Well, not too bad wat.It's a good start also..wuahaha..(Comforting Myself..^^)I'm glad that I can understand what they said & they are also understand what m I talking about.hehe...Their slang are actually more easier to understand if compare to "Mr. Bean" 1..haha.

Well, I guess that's all for today..Got to go Out for dinner d..Chiao~

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nervous Weih~~

1 week + 2 days to go!!

A few VIP Customer from USA gonna drop by my office & pay us a visit soon. Although this is not the 1st time meeting a foreigner customer, but im still feel kinda nervous because I'm still very new in the company, still not very familiar with the company background& the products. And the most important is---->My English is damn Poor!!! and their slang are damn different!!

Anyway, Hope they can understand my alien language & I can catch up their words as much as possible..Pray hard for me a.Please.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My friend, a Hero.

"KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 13 (Bernama) -- The mobile phone seller who has been in coma over the past three weeks after being stabbed in the abdomen by robbers at the Medan Tuanku monorail station on Aug 25, died this morning.Huang Kee Ming, 25, from Limbang, Sarawak, succumbed to the injuries at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital (HKL) about 5am.

"According to the doctor, the wounds were too deep and his abdomen was badly wounded," the victim's brother, Kee Huon, 22, told Bernama when met at the HKL morgue today.
Relating the incident, Kee Huon said he was waiting for his brother to fetch him at the monorail station at 9pm when three masked men held him at knife point and robbed him of his cash and valuables before kicking him onto the roadside.

"Coincidentally, my brother arrived in his Proton Wira car and came to my rescue. But one of the men stabbed him in the abdomen and fled the scene," he said

HE used to be my ex-schoolmate, he used to be a friend of mine, he used to be a good brother for his sibling, he used to be a good son of his parents. He was on his way to achieve for a better future, he was working damn hard to makes his dreams come true...Everything have gone, he has disappointed us, he didn't heard our voices and he has gone and will never come back again. Curse those robbers.

Dear robbers,

You are the rubbish of our society!!YOu are useless!! Did you ever feel how would ur family feel if this thing is happen on you urself? Do you think you will enjoy & living happily ever after using the money & valuable things that you have robbed from the others? No!! You will not! Let me tell you what, you have spoilt his life, you have make him suffered very much before his last breath, and you have push his family & friends into sorrow. The God is fair & He will always be. You will get your punishment soon. You will suffered not only in this lifetime but also after u dead & go to another life. Your sins will caused you to be much more suffered than what my friend faced before he left us.

Dear Qi Ming,

Although I'm not really close with you but I really feel so sad & cant accept that you have leaving us forever. Everyone were waiting for your latest news days by days just to hope that we could get a news saying that you were ok ady. But at last, you have disappointed us. I know, that is not your fault. Indeed, we should feel proud of you cause you already tried your very best to fight will the death. We know that you are really suffered & painful, but we are proud because you never give up your life easily & keep on stay alive until the last day. Maybe leaving will be a better choice for you, so we will respected your choice. Still remembered, a few days before you have leaving, I was on the MSN & happy when saw you name suddenly pop up in the friend's list. Ur MSN msg was wrote "recover", so I was happy cux I though you have wake up & recover. But before i could send out my msg to u, you have appeared offline ady. Sad. Maybe God loves him more than us& don't want to see him suffering any longer so God has took him away to be with him in His Kingdom for eternity.

Therefore,I'm taking this opportunity to advice those who have saw the incident please, Please, Please, Help my friend, please do cooperate with the Cops. We really need your help to identify the robbers. So please, whoever saw my msg, please help me to spread this msg to your friends. Please...

Last but not least, Qi Ming, there is one thing that I would like to let you know, I'm proud & glad to be your friend. You is a hero & you will always in our memories. May you rest in peace...Condolence to his family.